512 North Road
Menemsha, MA 02552
(508) 645-2679

Visit The Back Door to view our take-out menu

Car Hop

We know that Menemsha is such a wonderful place that sometimes parking can be a challenge, even with our private parking lot. To help make your take out ordering fast and easy, when you call your order in ahead of time, just let us know you want Car Hop Service.

When you pull up at The Back Door, toot your horn and we run your order out to the car.

  • Want to make it even faster?
    Prepay with your credit card when you place your order by phone and we will have you in, out and on your way home in no time at all.

Please be careful as you pull through our parking lot as there is usually a crowd at The Back Door.

The Fisherman of Menemsha

We've changed our menu to help restore the ocean.
Conservation begins with the food on your table.

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Since you can’t eat at Home Port every night, we suggest you eat at THE BEACH PLUM RESTAURANT in Menemsha.

Home Port Restaurant
512 North Road
Menemsha, MA 02252
(508) 645-2679

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